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it's been proven that Heavier BBs WILL retain more energy over time and distance compared to a lighter BB, which in return results in more pain.

This is also why reasonably heavier ammo(eg, 0.20g vs 0.25g. Not like 0.20g vs 0.43g) with the same gun has FARTHER maximum and effective range than a lighter ammo. They are also able to take more hop before spinning up into the air compared to a lighter BB.

As for the GBB issue, the thing with gas is that if the BBs heavier, it stays in the barrel a longer period of time than a lighter ammo would. This effect in return gives the gas more time to expand thus producing more velocity. That's why sometimes you would see a gun shooting 300FPS with 0.20g and still shoot 300FPS with 0.25g BBs, it's because the BB stays in the barrel slightly longer.

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