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Originally Posted by SXKilla View Post
From what ive read and hear on ASC most Canadians have no idea what airsoft really is. It seems to me that most people think that our airsoft guns are pellet guns that use metal BB's to kill or maim people.

What im asking is if anyone has some time/money to advertise on TV or try to get someone to do a story on airsoft in a newspaper about what airsoft is really about. This would make the public aware of what we are doing and how airsoft fields have mercy rules and rules about wearing protective gear (eyewear). Also this could possibly bring more people to the sport and make airsoft a more popular sport in Canada.

What... you mean like on a national news broadcast at prime time?

done it.. YouTube - Global National - Airsoft in Toronto at TTAC3 ( focused on TTAC3 and what we do )

People who are of the ilk that would enjoy this type of activity will find it eventually ... there is no need to advertise...

it is already all over the internet..
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