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A few years ago, we where organising a super large milsim in a old cold war erea radar bunker on top of a mountain. The place was super kick ass, we had a lot of stuff to fill the bunker with (giant screens, computers, alarms...)

The project shut down for 2 reasons. 1 is being that the owners where not respecting what was in the contract (there was a contract, because that thing was so huge) and 2, the players here where doing a mega shitfest about the fact that the milsim had slipped to the public eye on tv. A tv host is the friend of one of the organisers, and he talked about the milsim on live TV. That starter the biggest shitfest I've seen yet.

You want to make airsoft public that way. Go ahead, but make sure you are more than flame proof.

The guy, after all that, kinda went off the face of the earth for many reasons. He quitted airsoft, sold most of his guns and concentrated on playing paintball.

Airsoft + TV = FAIL!

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