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Airsoft Armourys stock update

I've just had an update from Chesby at Airsoft Armoury with details about their latest delivery of goodies.

Airsoft Armoury

From KSC:

KSC Glock 17 Gold Medal 139.99
KSC Glock 17 Anniversary 129.99

From Classic Army:

CA SCAR Heavy 369.99
CA MP5K Pro Line 219.99
CA SA58 OSW 359.99
CA 53 A2 229.99
CA 33 KA3 229.99
CA RPK 7 399.99

From G & P:

G&P M4 Tank 289.99
G&P Widowmaker metal body 89.99
G&P Zombie Killer metal body 89.99
G&P M4 metal body 89.99
G&P M4 Carbine 189.99
G&P M4 Tac Carbine 189.99
G&P M16A4 189.99
G&P M4 Commando 189.99
G&P Special Operations 349.99
G&P M16A3 with M203 329.99
G&P Stubby Killer 229.99
G&P M4 CQB 299.99

All the G&P rifles come with the standard Airsoft Armoury 12 month warranty.

In addition on Monday 18th the following arrives:

Tokyo Marui MEU 119.99
Tokyo Marui MEU Magazine 21.99

Best Wishes

Airsoft Armoury

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