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WGC Photo Collection 2008 - winner announcement

The winner of WGC Shopís photo competition has been announced:
WGC Photo Collection 2008 - Winner Announcement

WGC Photo Collection Campaign 2008 is successfully ended and  we would like to say a big thank you to all participants  who have made this contest a success!

This year, more than 400 photos were collected  from airsofters throughout the world.  They are with high standard and airsoft inspiration.  We are so pleased to announce the winners as follows:

Hampus Samuelsson, Sweden
Tofet, Russia
Praetorians, Ukraine
Dmitry Smirnov, Russia
Janne Tallqvist, Finland
Denis Taverne, France
Alexey Goncharov, Kazakhstan
Ronny Ohlsson, Sweden
Nathaniel Fanning, USA
Marko Tormala, Finland

An email notification has been sent to the above winners already. If you did not hear from us, please kindly add ""  and "" to your mail list.  For enquiry, please contact

We hope everyone enjoyed the contest and thank you all again for your great support! (WGC Shop)

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