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CRW update, DSR special offer

Eddie, (Director,  CRW) has sent in all their updates including information that they have the new DSR in:
Hi, We now have DSR in stock and we will have an special offer for DSR sniper rifle until 10th Nov, so be quick!

CYMA just release their Full metal MP5 series, the front tube is also metal with plastic trigger group, the bolt can be open like G&G MP5. We prefer this Metal MP5 than JG.

JG will release their G36 with scope soon.

1)M4A1 Full Metal by AGM031
2)M4A1 RIS Full Metal by AGM032
3) M16A1 Full Metal by AGM033
4)AKM Full metal Real wood by CYMA (CM036A)
5)Full metal M4-CQB-R by A&K
6) Full metal SR-16 by A&K
7)AK47 rail system (Sam style)
G27 grip by Element
9) M1911 Kimber grip
10) M4 rail carrying handle
11) Offset front grip by Dboy
12)  Vltor style railed folding sight by Unicorn
13)DD rail 9.0 Dark earth for M4
14)EGLM Granade Launcher Tan by Star
15)Folding RIS grip
16)P90 top rail
17)Mini Granade launcher
18)Full metal LR-300 by A&K
19)Helmet Flashlight
20)ACOG 4X32+ Doctor sight Tan with marking
21)Desert Eagle AEG by CYMA
22)Mp5 Full metal with UMP stock (CM-041)
23)Mp5J Full metal (CM-041J)
24)Mp5 Full metal with RAS(CM-041B)
25)Mp5 SD6 CM-027SD)
26)DRS sniper rifle (gas power) by ARES Special offer until 5th NOV
27)G36 with bipod by JG (G608-4)
28) Many M4 Metal body now in stock


Eddie, (Director,  CRW)

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