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The "SOC"?s 13th (Holiday 2008) Issue?

There’s a new issue of SOC out:
Hey guys, Well it’s that time again - our next issue is now available for downloading, and as always, free! It’s our largest one yet - 185+ pages. It’s also a special issue for us as it marks our 3rd birthday as a publication. Be sure to grab your copy today!

What’s in our 13th issue?
* Classic Army CA25 URX Special Forces Review.
* 5.11 Tactical ‘Head-to-Toe’ Holiday Hookup Reviews.
* Numa Optics ‘Point’ Tactical Sunglasses Review.
* Top Tech Pneumatic Blow-Back T16A3 Review.
* Interview: T.S.O.G.
* SPECIAL! - U.S.A.S.O.C. - The Magazine’s Holiday Giveaway!
* Tips: Custom Paint Your Weapon.
* Retailer Spotlight: WGC Shop.
* Plus Teams, Photos, Events, Photos, and Much More in the 185+ Paged Holiday Issue!

Thanks guys for all your support over the past three years - hope you enjoy our latest issue. And yes - we have two versions up - one video version (requires high-speed internet or a good deal of patience) and one non-video version.

God Bless & Best Wishes,
Nick Petrus-Owner/Main Editor

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