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For those who want airsoft out in the open. Look how it is in the US. If you want a 12yo kid running allong with you in a game...

I don't want it to be in the open. Not for the legal part of the deal, but for what airsoft is.

The bulk of the milsimmers are paintballers that got bored of waisting paint in the wood with BMX guys. The other part are collectors that want to recreate and use their collection and the rest are people that like to play army.

If airsoft is open to all, you'll get all the wankers that can afford a gun to try to join in and mess up what's in place. We can barely weed out the one that found out about airsoft on their own.

IMO, there is not enough money to do in airsoft to warrant such publicity anyway. As long as shipments of guns are unreliable and low quality for the most part.

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