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I think that airsoft is just fine semi-underground as it is. It's still a pretty exclusive sport because the guns are so hard to get. However, I think that with the arrival of the more affordable high quality legal clear guns, more people will get involved in the sport. However, there's also a down side that rather than having really a sport of true enthusiasts, there will be a lot of ignorant noobs from the general public.

Many noobs now getting into the sport are ASC members before playing, and get their guns through here. They know something about the game, gear, etiquette and such before actually getting out there. While they're still noobs to the actual gameplay, at least they get to learn a lot beforehand. Having more public players means that a significantly lower number of noobs without an ASC background will be getting involved.

And there are many, many other issues with that I'm sure others will be more than happy to post about...
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