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Looking for rifles but waiting for AV

Hey I've already tried to contact the AVers in my area to get verified, I'm 28 btw.

Looking to get into the sport slowly and cheeply, don't care really about quality the guns I'm looking to buy are just for target practice, if I'm going to go full bore, I need alot so want to get my feet wet first.

The problem i have is that almost every thread dealing with online vendors is "they sell crapsoft, cheapsoft" then the poster gets referred to a AV only section, or called a noob for not being AV'd.

I am just looking for some cheap rifles to get my feel for them. Looking at a few on websites, just don't know if they are reliable sources, hard to find that information, here due to most of the info being locked in AV sections.

Any hints beyond getting AV'd which I will when the AV'ers for Orillia or Barrie contact me.

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