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Originally Posted by Death March View Post
I really hate to say this,but alittle hotter fps helps with people that don't call there hits I know it's not the right way to look at it ,but....
I see some hotter fps limits and I think you would really have to see the area there being used in to make any kind of judgment,but thats just me. Ower games have been I think pretty standard.
400 fps Full auto(outdoors)
350 fps indoors
470 fps Semi (I might be alittle of on this one)
I do think that I'v seen a bit of a trend with hotter pistols showing up at games !
Have to remember that nothings written in stone for any given area

Aim for the teeth, ears, fingers and if they're male shoot their balls. Nothing like a stream of white going to the groin. Watch out with the m1a1... a burst with it is a stream.... I had some one stand up into the stream once and i was nolonger shooting him in the chest if you know what i mean.
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