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Originally Posted by Rukus View Post
*puts hands in the air* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

This roller coaster won't end anytime soon I figure it's going to be a pretty down year. My aunt and uncle just got fucked out of a lot of their retirement savings because they were all in stocks, and my wifes friend is most likely loosing her house because of this. What a wonderful time we live in. :P
Is your wifes friend here in Canada or the US? Mind giving us some details of why she is losing her house?

I personally don't see a dollar drop a terrible thing, its not a good thing for somethings like our sport and other purchases but in our town a good portion of local revenue is tourism aka the US travelers. And a lot of the local industiries rely on the low canadian dollar to intiese foreign buyers. Mind you at the same time, the low dollar might not be enough to bring back the foreign dollars to our local economy cause the currenty economy in that no one is building or buying or traveling. But I am trying to keep positive about the situation and I truely believe here in Canada we are far better off then most other nations.
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