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I'm trying to hold the line on BB pricing. I've managed to secure an agreement on my next order for .20 and .25 from my supplier for on par with USD + 10%, so I'm going to eat a 10% hike on my next order to keep the .20 and .25 product at the same pricing, $10 a bag CAD. Yes, you can all thank me by ordering from your local bastard.

.28 and above will probably take a hit - no such deal there unfortunately because the volume isn't there for me to have the leverage like I do with .20 and .25.

I thought about doing replacement inventory pricing but I went back to my supplier and negotiated instead and got somewhat of a better deal. I'm going to try and hold the line as much as I can. Unfortunately it comes at a time when I am investing in an new online store to make ordering and quoting easier (for me and you) and more efficient. So thats costing me $$.

So, those of you doing group orders for BBs from the orient are probably not going to be able to get a better deal given that you're going to pay in USD at current rates. Also, from what I understand their costs have increased disproportionally larger than just the exchange rate so you may actually see an increase on product cost in USD - manufacturing just got more expensive in Asia because of their own fundamentals, not just because of forex rates.

Well, Confucius said "may you live in interesting times" and this certainly qualifies.
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