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Canadian dollar drop and airsoft prices a differenet world

As if airsoft replicas pricing in Canada was subjet to market laws of offer and demand, Yes Right. So far airsoft replicas pricing in Canada was offer-driven. And it will continue to be so. This is not a self regulated market as for example clothing or ***** (incluidng ACU and combat boots) were prices adjust to marginal cost or else compettitors will jump in and take your clients. Nor it exist a full supply chain from manufactures, to grossist to retaillers. There is not inventories either (or very small ones). This market is closer to monopoly (and that is not a bad word, it just is) whit few retailers and huge barriers to entry: restricted firearms items, etc...)
Sure, prices will adjust up, (no matter when you placed your order, or the cost of the inventory...) just do not explect prices to adjust down when the huard becomes more competitive, THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEND fast enough (remmeber the slow pace of price adjutment for oil prices -another rmonpoly market)
Saying this, I am not judging any specific retailer, this is just my view on a particular matter in a specific enviroment and economic coyunture. Business is business. I better understand those principles when engaging in any transaction otherwise I will be frustrated.
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