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I've had this same problem several times with the Ontario CBSA agents.

If you live in an area where your importations come through the Mississauga / Lester B. Pearson CBSA port of entry, forget about trying to strip guns to bring through unless you're willing to deal with the 3-6 month appeal process (or more) plus having to deal with your goods arriving at your doorstep (assuming you win your appeal) missing screws, springs, pins, little levers and having all the components scratched up from poor handling (while getting NO restitution from the exporter, the carrier OR customs.) It's a bad gamble and generally a lose-lose situation. I have several paperweights here thanks to those guys (and gals.)

There are several officers there that I've spoken to that are very willing to seize anything that resembles a gun/pistol/rifle and have no clue what is "technically" considered the registered component or receiver of a firearm. They get their information from an officer who claims she is a "knowledgeable and skilled officer in recognition of firearms and their components."

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