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CA 53A2 Review


The Classic Army CA53A2 (HK 53A2)

After a few weeks of owning this gun, I think I can give it a fairly good assessment.
Opening the box, I found my brand new CA version of the H&K 53A2. It had nice weight already, (without the battery installed yet), and once the battery was in, it felt very good and heavy for a small package.
Included in the box was 1- 450 rd hicap magazine, a cleaning rod, the owner's manual (in english), and a 2008 Classic Army Catalogue (porn )
I inserted the stamped steel magazine, and it had a nice snug fit. Zero wobble at all. It couldn't be any more solid. To remove the magazine I needed to pull it out, you could not just push the mag release and have the mag fall out. The release in front of the trigger guard was also too short to tac. reload with the edge of a fresh mag.

The Externals.....

- All metal body, with the A3 lower.
- Body is a nice thick casting with nice crisp edges, and smooth contouring. I have not found any casting flaws that are visible through the paint,
but I have not had the body shell apart yet.
- The paint is a nice flat finish, but a bit on the thin side I feel. It could have used another coat of paint at the factory. No flaws in the paint job,
just not a very thick layer.
- Fibre reinforced nylon Front Grip. * I feel it could have been a little thicker though,* Rear stock( thickness is good, very solid), and the A3
grip (also very thick and solid).
- All the parts that are steel on the real steel gun are metal on this version. (except the charging tube, and the shell ejection port cover,which is
the hopup cover.They are plastic.)
- The rear sight is steel and adjustable, with three peep sight positions and an open sight position. and the front sight is steel. The flash hider is
steel, and is 14 mm ccw(-) thread.
- No trades, painted or engraved.
- No body wobble, very solid feel. on shaking it only a couple of rattle spots, of course the charging handle makes a little noise, and a panel at
the top that just hides the seam. It makes a little rattle. * that was tightened up using a thin little strip of leather (1cm x 1mm) pushed into
the seam. Not even visible and no more rattle. Now it is very quiet when shaken.*
- The safety/fire selector switch is nice and solid, and gives a nice positive click when in position.

The Internals.......

I have now disassembled the gun to the extent of removing the front grip, rear stock, A3 grip, and mechbox. I also have removed the hopup and inner barrel.
- Front grip does not need to be removed to remove the inner barrel.
- The front grip is very easy to remove with one pin.
- Rear stock also comes off with the removal of one pin.
- Remove one more pin on the front of the lower, and you can slide the lower out and now you can easily remove the mechbox and motor.
- Re-assembly is just as quick and easy.

Inside the Mechbox......

- I found it to be well lubricated, and looked to be shimmed good. Metal bushings. Yellow piston and cylinder. Yellow tappet plate. Steel spring
- CA stamped gears, that look like good quality steel. All the parts look reasonably durable.
- Assembly was good, everything in place correctly. Only shitty philips head screws for the shell of the mechbox, easily strippable. (why can't the
world get with the Robertson head??)
- No torx headed screws at all. Shell is nice and thick.
- Motor is a CA High Torque. I tried a Guarder SP120 spring in the mechbox, and the motor would not pull it. So the stock spring was put back in.
It has no problems pulling the stock spring.
- Removing the inner barrel is easy. After removing the lower, just pull the hop up unit and inner barrel straight back, and it slides right out.
- Black hop up rubber
- metal one piece hop up
- brass inner barrel

- The A3 grip will fit a Systema Gearbox and Magnum motor.
- This gun is very easy to breakdown and get to the insides. Or to modify with a RIS, or sliding sock. Or other MP5 accessories for the front end.
- Rear stock can fit a 9.6v battery (custom T end ===i- )

- Velocity ... CA stock spring/.25s - 258fps PDI 140/.20s - ??? fps (not chronied yet) Systema M170/.20s - ??? fps (not tested yet)
- Accuracy is outstanding at short range. With groupings of 2 inches at 0 - 40 ft. (stock setup)
- At longer ranges it is also very accurate for such a short barrel. It can hit targets easily at 75 feet with 6 -8 inch groupings.
At 150 ft. it can hit a pylon ( 20" tall ) with 6-7 hits out of 10. Outside 150 ft. it can hit mansized targets out to it's range limit with very
little problem. (stock setup)
- It has a very good sight picture, and it is very quick and easy to aquire and sight in your target. Very manouverable in the bush, and easily
handled, easy to operate righthanded or lefthanded.



- Prometheus 6.03mm tighbore inner barrel
- Guarder improved rubber
- Deep Fire H bucking
- Teflon mod on rubber/barrel connection.

* A3 grip #1 * (CQB setup)
CA mechbox/CA HighTorque motor
-All stock except...

Nov.20/08 upgrades
- upgraded spring to a PDI 140 (fps ?? not chronied yet)
- Systema steel spring guide


* A3 grip #2 * (high FPS setup)
Systema M170 Mechbox/Magnum motor

-9.6V 2400mAh battery (minimum needed)

-Guarder steel bearing spring guide

Downgrade springs
- Guarder SP120 and Systema M120 (not installed yet)

Note - I have the two lowers so that I can swap the CQB lower and the HiFPS lower out in about 3 minutes. with no other changes to the gun.(except battery)

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