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Originally Posted by TrueTGN View Post
Thing is though, how long will it even be this low?
what I have been hearing is we could be in this "phase" for a year to 18 months. exchange today was giving $Cdn.76 = US$1
All these problems with our global economy is because speculators fuck with the marketplace. Oil was at US$67. a barrel today. That's nearly a %50 drop from where it was just a couple of months ago. Why??? because of speculation on the market. It has nothing to do with supply and demand. The Arabs announced that they were cutting back production. Which should have made oil go up in price. Well it still went down. The banks get their bailout and then they start fucking us again as soon as they have their security. Interest on savings drops and interest on loans goes up. FUCK THEM ALL. hahahaha I needed that rant. LOL
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