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Exclamation Some one tries to impersonate 007 Airsoft

Hello All,

This is Ken from 007 Airsoft (Canada) Ltd, located in Calgary, AB.

A few days ago a customer contacted me claiming he never received the products he paid for. And upon investigation we found out that he sent the paypal payment by ACCIDENT to "", instead of my correct e-mail, (no dash).

I went to the website, and it is a website selling mostly mid-low end airsoft products and some other non-airsoft related goods. Their logo was a copy from the James bond movie 007 logo, which is a trade marked logo last time I checked.

I'm not sure if this is a legit business, or a fictitious website made to steal my customers and payments. Their about page is blank and doesn't even indicate which country this company is located in.

PLEASE BE AWARE that my website is WITH NO DASH and don't be scammed.

By the way I've added new products to my AEG section

The owner of Terry got back to me today, he says they are a legit business and their website is under going construction. He also said their logo is self designed not a copy of the james bond movie logo.


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