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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Last Friday , before the Zombie game last Saturday night..

I was overun at stage 3 ... all 3 times I shot it ( I used my P226 wich is sadly not my most accurate pistol)

One of the guys cleared them on stage 2

Everyone else got munched.. pretty much like it turned out the next night.
That sounds like fun! It's good if setting up the targets isn't too much of a pain.

Originally I used a similar game with scaled silhouettes set up at 25m for real-gun rifle shooting. 10 targets in first round with 10 shots and 20 seconds. (They weren't zombies.) It was fun, but having to wait for a cease-fire in order to go back and forth to the 25m mark to put up wads of targets so you can shoot the next stage was a major pain in the ass.

The airsoft pistol zombie version is nice because it's nice and quick.

It's also harder than it looks, as it sounds like most people discovered.

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