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Originally Posted by ShortCut View Post
Lol, thanks for all the info, I just want an AK when I get verified in a few years, and from what I read on here it was a pretty decent bas to start on. I could try and convince my dad when he gets back from fort mac murray or however you spell it, to come out to a game, but knowing him he probably wont
Well to each his own I guess, Kraken is a good place to start if you really want that AK. Save your money, trust me on this one, and thanks for being one of those kids that actually listen and wait, I can see you becoming a great guy to play with in the future. Who knows I might even see you in my Red Dot one day (or you might see me in yours) .

Originally Posted by demco11 View Post
L473ncy, I believe that for Op-For games the parents must only be there to sign the waiver in front of an admin to show that someone has signed for them, then the parents can leave and come back at the end of the day to pick up their kid.

The way you mentioned it, I believe its the rules of BCAC which was usually if you were under 18, a parent had to be playing airsoft along side of you during the games for it to be allowed.
I stand corrected then. Haven't played in Vancouver yet, I just remember a rule like that from somewhere. I guess it was BCAC I was referring to.
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