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So, as I only have a G36C, I set up shop at 9-10ft away instead of 7-8ft.

Stage 1 (100m) Zombies Faced/Killed - 5/4

Stage 2 (75m) Zombies Faced/Killed - 6/5

Stage 3 (50m) Zombies Faced/Killed - 5/5

Stage 4 (25m) Zombies Faced/Killed - 2/2


Post a digital Image of the last Stage you shot at.


(Score is 100 - (unhit in stage 1) - (unhit in stage 2) - (unhit in stage 3) - (unhit in stage 4))
Add +1 bonus point if you post images of ALL your targets.
Add +1 bonus point if you post a picture of the gun you used.
Add +1 bonus point if you accompany your post with an MS Paint self-portrait of you fighting the zombies.

The Gun

The Self Portrait
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