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I think that we should stick to calling it clearsoft for the simple reason that it is clear. The Canadian Tire/Walmart crap should be called crapsoft. It makes perfect linguistic sense.

Airsoft, (1) noun: a device that shoots plastic BBs and resembles a firearm. Receivers are made either of metal or plastic, but are opaque.
(2) verb: the activity of using an airsoft gun, involving at least 2 players, usually on opposite sides hunting each other, somewhat like paintball.

Clearsoft, noun: an airsoft gun with a clear receiver from a reputable brand. The only difference between an airsoft gun and a clearsoft is the receiver. Everything else is exactly the same inside.

Crapsoft, noun (also softair): a toy sold is major stores (Canadian Tire, Walmart, etc). The majority of the gun is clear, but that is not always the case. Internal quality is dubious, and the device will generally break quickly. Velocity and accuracy are also dubious.
Ottawa Airsoft

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