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Obviously I can't buy one of these yet but I thought I'd share my vote since these could be the future once I come of age.

+1 to Cansoft because it's mthafrkn Canadian!
No matter what the name is, they are still clearsoft. However (I know this has already been established), everyone should keep in mind that Clearsoft/Cansoft and Crapsoft/Cheapsoft are completely different things when referring to clear bodied or partially clear bodied airsoft replicas (Thus the stigma of these weapons should be cleared [no pun intended there, really] from existence).

IMO, this should be a Poll. Cleansoft seems like an interesting compromise....but Clearsoft is such a familiar word already.
+1 for the poll.

Personally Cleansoft sounds rather lame, but that's just my opinion. I couldn't imagine saying "Hey, check out my G&G L85A1 Cleansoft gun". Although you probably wouldn't refer to it as Cleansoft while displaying it to someone anyway.

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