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OK Heres mine:

Self Portrait at bottom of post.

I shot with a TM 1911. My Aim Sucks.

Stage 1 Zombies faced/killed: 5/1 (4 left alive)
Stage 2 Zombies faced/killed: 8/0 (8 left alive)
Stage 3 Zombies faced/killed: 16/1 (15 left alive)
Stage 4 Zombies faced/killed: Overwhelmed (Zombies exceed 20)


Final score: 75

100-4-8-16 = 75 (+ 3 bonus points, one each for image of each target, image of gun, and MS Paint self-portrait)

Winner - TAC11 Impression Contest - Best Historical Loadout - N. Co. Ranger LRRP Vietnam 1969.
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