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Unhappy How can Friday's suck? ... Let me count the ways

Well, I guess it's really Saturday now and I figured I should give you all a head's up since now I know that bad crap doesn't just happen to everyone else

Today I came home and found that all my lovely airsoft gear was GONE!

Some twisted _ _ _ _ _ _ _ broke into the (attached) garage of my house and stole both my Pistol case (padlocked) and my rifle case (double padlocked) as well as my gear bag

The following is a list of what's gone (in case any of us see it around)

1 - KWA M4A1
1 - G&G GR16 Commando
2 - HFC Berretta's
5 - Mid cap King Arms Mags
2 - RDS
1 - Double rifle case (from BassPro)
1 - Double Pistol Case (from Can Tire)
2 - Slings
3 - Brand New Master Padlocks
3 - Large 8.4V NiMH batteries
1 - 9.6V Nunchuk Battery
1 - 9.6V Double Nunchuk Battery

Needless to say I have plans if I find the person who did this yet left a DVD Player and my copy of MS Office 2007 behind.

Be wise and lock everything somewhere really close to you.
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