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I'll start with my results (you can use this as a model for posting your own):

(+1 bonus point for MS Paint self-portrait)

I shot with a KJW Mk1. Beastly trigger pull on these bastards!

Stage 1 Zombies faced/killed: 5/2 (3 left alive)
Stage 2 Zombies faced/killed: 6/4 (2 left alive)
Stage 3 Zombies faced/killed: 4/3 (1 left alive)
Stage 4 Zombies faced/killed: 2/2 (Killed them all, and not a moment too soon!)

ESCAPED (killed all at stage 4)

Final score: 98

100-3-2-1-0 = 95 (plus 3 bonus points, one each for image of each target, image of gun, and MS Paint self-portrait)

(+1 bonus point for pictures of all targets - not just the last one.)

+1 Bonus point for picture of gun used. (The laser is non-visible IR, didn't use it. Not aligned well enough for precision shooting anyway.)

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