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ASC Not Working Only For Me!

Ok I didn't notice that off-topic was moved, please move this then....

Ok about 16 hours ago I tried to go to and I kept getting Address Not Found. This was the same in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. At first I thought the site was down but people started telling me it was working fine. So I tried pinging it and got a response.

So I typed the IP address of the website into the address bar and it loaded fine. When I tried signing in from the main page I received an error stating:
"In order to accept POST request originating from this domain, the admin must add this domain to the whitelist."

So I then sent a message to the admins through the "contact us". As a second thought I went into the forums first and then tried signing in which worked EXCEPT some of the forums are missing like the classifieds, off topic, etc (acting as though Im not signed in).

Obviously if you are reading this I can post still though.

So I need HELP on trying to fix this!

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