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Amos, your experience stems from 2 years playing Airsoft, and advise from you should be taken with that in mind. Yes, I know how long, I was working at XT when you started in the sport.

D-BOYS is not bad. And they are not the best. Each manufacturer has it's lemons, and for the last year or two Classic Army products were pulled from many retailer's shelves due to shoddy design and craftsmanship. Airsoft GI is one such example. They have their act together now (apparently), and are producing good quality stuff.

I have seen, touched, breathed, licked, and spat on more types of guns and manufacturers than I'd ever thought possible, and it really all comes down to luck, and care taken when building a gun.

DBOYS has been good, CA better, G&G good still, same with G&P. Nothing has beaten the reliability and proven track record of Tokyo Marui. Systema products are generally awesome, with some exceptions to shitty aftermarket AEG parts here and there, and King Arms has always been good to me.

Someone has a bad experience with a product once, and they'll forever label it as shit. Hear of a few other bad stories? Must be that they're all bad. Not the case.

Point is, keep an open mind when it comes to Airsoft. Try it out, and if you don't like it - sell it, trade it, use it as firewood. Any problem can be fixed if something breaks, and almost all guns will have something break on them eventually.

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