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Originally Posted by Dusti69 View Post
i cant afford whole aegs cept for my kraken that i happened to have 80 dollars at the time. i can afford parts on occasion when i have a bit of money put together. or i have bought stuff with birthday or christmas money. my 416 was my b day present this year and for christmas i might ask for another aeg and use christmas money on airsoft

i have a pretty low budget and a reletively low income... hell might as well say zero since im no longer working at the hospital here
but thanks to ebay and ehobby im managing rather well in my opinion. sure i dont have a tm or ptw or anything but my aegs are pretty nice and have upgrades along with preventative upgrades and metal and wood bodies

if not for ebay and ehobby i wouldnt be able to afford shit with the bits of money i get here and there
plus the fact that airsoft is a lot cheaper down here
you have NO idea what we're talking about do you?
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