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I Agree with Amos.
Ive been working on countless brands, ESPECIALLY armalite varients.

Id rank it

My reasoning is. Guarder and CA both anodize their metals. This is why Guarder + CA always have superb Realsteel quality finishes. If you ever handle a CA or a Guarder next to a Dboys or ICS you will see OBVIOUS differences. As for quality, I find Guarder has much more real weight to it compared to CA (Because CA is made of light aluminum) However, Guarder does have some mag fitment issues. King arms and some CA mags dont fit in Guarder Magwells without modification (some filing in the magwell and or mags depending on the mags) However from my experience, Classic Army Receivers have fitted every brand of mag ive tried. TM, CA, KA, G&P, Star, MAG, Magpull, etc. I only rate Guarder higher than CA for looks. Guarder also comes with fully functional furniture, while CA is Non functional (but can be modified to be a full function receiver). However, CA seems to take the cake for functionality.

Now for G&P... What can i say... They are GOOD aftermarket receivers. They dont have the same look, and i think Guarder's Anodizing is MUCH better, but the metal quality is solid, and their QC is pretty good. However, they have GHASTLY fitting problems with King Arms Mags and several others that i have tried. G&P also has a functioning receiver and comes VERY close to CA with looks. However, due to the mag issues, it comes after CA. However though i would never buy a G&P Gun (the plastics of the gun feel REALLY fake) as well as their complete guns just doesnt feel right, I 100% endorse their Accessory Line. Ive had a G&P R500 Taclite (500 Lumen Rechargable Taclite) for 2 years. Dispite the numerous night games ive gone to over the last 2 years, Ive only had to charge it ONCE. It came charged out of the box ready to use, ive dropped it, smacked it, immersed in water, etc and it ALWAYS works. (Only weak spot is the pressure switch which is absolute garbage). Ask Shwag + George, they got first hand experience when it was used on them. Ive also had multiple positive experiences with their Battery Crane Stocks, Lasers, AN/PEQ2's, etc. Though my overall judgement in ranking disagrees with Amos, and yes i do agree that G&P Receivers are better than Systema's. We both are looking at two different perspectives, it depends entirely of course on what your looking for in a receiver.

KWA + G&G are both Taiwaneese Companies and their metal quality is not as good as CA, G&P and Guarder. Now to be fair, i havent had much experience with these brands in terms of AEGs but from what i remember the finish is power coat/painted and dont really give a very realistic finish. I dont have any experience with mag fittings on these receivers.

Last of all, is Dboys. Its GARBAGE... Stay Away. THey have MAJOR fitting issues with magazines and require modifications to fit any major brand of magazine (Besides Dboys). Even the Americans (who buy ALOT more lower end Airsoft guns such as JG/KWA/etc compared to canadians) wont even touch them. Warstore In NY refuses to even stock them, or order them in custom as they have had COUNTLESS issues and since Dboys has NO Warrenties, they just refuse to deal with the product due to more than 1/2 of them being returned. The Metal body is made of pot metal, and has HUNDREDS of air holes inside the metal where you cannot see. Almost No reinforcing qualitys, crap finish. I just cant understand why anyone would waste their money on this crap. Id rather stick with a TM Plastic body than a DBoys peice of shit.

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