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Aquamarine and myself included have rigged portable MP3 player speakers to our vests that we can use with our ipods. Music during fire fights is only a tap away. It doesnt just have to be music coming out of the player either, ths set up has many many uses. I personally find the set up very handy. A few memorable examples of excellent use of music during a game would have to be...

- Defending and a position being heavily assault while playing MC hammers cant touch this.

- Drawing fire with Cher's believe in a night op game.

-Making the enemy thing you are a larger force putting out alot more rounds by playing a recorded track of AEG fire over and over and over.

-Annoying the enemy with Aquas Barbie Girl.

-Recorded bird noises as communication signals.

-Recorded sexual noises for a general overall distraction to all.

I dont find playing music distracting at all, I believe its a very handy tool once you are already engaged into a firefight in a defending position. It can inspire moral and even sometimes annoy the ever living crap out of your enemy. Theres a time and a place for everything, after all you wouldnt walk to be pumpin the tunes when you are attempting to silently push bush or when your trying to shadow someone.

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