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Alright so just gone through my e-mails this morning here at work and this is what I got in response to my e-mail explaining to them what was restricted here in Canada.


Thank you for your reply and explanation. We had been updating our system and it should be fine for you to place an order with Credit Card as payment method if your order didn’t contain any Airsoft weapon. Please place an order with us again. Thank you

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please accept our apology.

Thank you for choosing Redwolf Airsoft

The GOOD news is that I'm attempting my order placement right now and it seems to be working . I got through to shipping qoute, its strange though because its the same order I tried to place yesterday only I added a sling as well. But if its just them updating to not allow people to order the guns, hey that's cool with me as long as they still let those who have the proper channels for ordering still get it all . Also hope it doesn't affect internal part orders much.

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