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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
They're known for terrible tolerances and EXTREMELY sketchy build materials.

Sure you can save maybe 150-200 bucks by buying a China clone.. but once your shitty body breaks, you'll have to shell out ATLEAST another 100 bucks (If you want another POS Dboy's body)

Dboys, JG, Cyma all that doesn't hold a candle to the New Classic Army and G&P Stuff.
Not surprisingly. Like I said I'm after a back up weapon/loaner. I don't expect to be tossing this around like my TM G3SG1 with metal body. I could club a rhinoceros to death with that and still use it to pound in a rail way spike after. However, I'm not looking to spend over $700 for a gun like this. If I had the spare cash, sure done thing. Paying off a $40,000 truck...not so much.

Originally Posted by KYDD View Post
I use the Spr m-16 from d-boys and couldnt be happier
the tales of easy to strip screws is correct and the stock does have a fragile feel, but it has operated flawlessly since I got it and still shoots 400 fps w/.20's
Yeah, like I said, it seems to be that they're either Tip to the fucking top or a complete lemon.

Originally Posted by Conscript View Post
The D-Boy's line of AK's is extremley solid. I went to a game recently and someone dropped a D-Boy's AK74u off the table about 2 1/2 feet high, nothing happened to the gun, not even a scratch.

What was miraculous about this is that the gun was locked up prior to the fall, and after it was working just fine.

Don't believe me? PM Ancorp.
I saw the thread about the new AK's they made. Seemed like they were a quality build.

I like a gun that is fixed by a good beating. Pity my computer didn't function the same way.

The SPR is pretty new to their line as well so I'm hoping the same sturdiness will apply.

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