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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Thanks for pointing me to the Garand conversion PDF, I never knew about that.

I'm not a history major or anything but I take a liking to WWII stuff. In fact I'm probably as far as you can get from History, BASc in Comp Sci specializing in GIS.

If anyone wants to do a Bren LMG conversion tutorial it would be much appreciated. I love that gun, I think it's made of win.

Also a Sten conversion guide would be much appreciated too, I'm thinking of taking an Mk 1 sniper and doing a Sten conversion but it probably lies outside of my technical expertise.

I already said this but I have a good feeling about you and you've proven yourself to not be a noob (unlike myself, I posted the "what gun is good" question and subsequently got it trashed).
Well, I was actually pointed to it myself the other day by Donster here, though I had stumbled over it by myself before. So don't thank me.

Funny you mention the Bren, that would be my choice also, I would love to see one of those in action, if not actually owning one.

I wouldn't say I am not a noob, in the actual realm of airsoft, I haven't even technically played a game, not with any of the 'real' guns. But I just read enough before to be careful what I asked.
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