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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
You might want to check out the FAQ regarding green gas, all you really need is a can of propane from wherever and an adaptor for the propane outlet.

Green Gas = Propane

There are a lot of M14's in the classifieds and they can range anywhere from a couple hundred to $800+ (including a few upgrades, mags, etc.).

If you're a history major and just want it as a showpiece all you should be looking for is a cheap M14.

I would suggest however that an M4 might be a better starter weapon as you can play CQB and outdoors. Whereas the M14 is really more of an outside weapon because of it's length.
Ahh, so THAT was what Green gas is... I always thought it was some sort of special, expensive gas, even though people did not talk about it like that...

Haha, no, I am not a history major, I just want a Garand looking gun, and the M14 conversion seemed to be the cheaper way to go for the moment (I unfortunately do not have a lot of cash hanging around right now). But I would hope to play with it, some friends introduced it to me, just the cheap ones though. But we tried a tactical scale game, and I was hooked.

That said, I do like history, so I was thinking of some way to combine it, without costing a fortune..
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