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Free PTW M4?

Heyhey, just got this email from ebaybanned:

"Hi all, EB airsoft offer a crazy gift to the world airsofter, a brand new PTW M4 can be got by everyone at FREE ( or nearly free ) This is a USD1 listing include 1pc systema PTW M4, Paul will suddenly add this crazy gift between HK Time 9:00pm 15 th OCT to 9:00pm 16 th OCT without any notice ! I must show the full name of this lucky man and first 6 words of his email address, if you do not want to let other know such info, please do not pay (USD1) for it. This is Free Shipping also. P.S please tell all your friends ASAP, i do not think any other seller will offer such crazy gift.... regards"

kool idea, ptw lottery lol
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