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Good day chaps, couple questions

Good day all.

First off, as you probably can tell quite simply, I am new to this forum, though I have been reading it for the last couple days.

Anyways, I will say it up front, I am not 18 yet, not for a couple months (I was quite sore at missing being able to vote in the the election by so little. ), so obviously, I cannot yet be age verified.

In any case, I have been considering, once I can do it legally of course, getting my hands on some form of the M1 Garand. I was thinking the Marushin one, but it does seem a fair amount more cost wise, and the gas seems to be more than my funds would permit. (To have to continually buy more that is).

So, even though the main reason I would want a Garand is historical purposes (I am a history geek), the M14 conversion seemed to be the best choice in the long run.

Now, I have looked through the FAQ, and read through different threads, and I am still somewhat confused on this. Are the TM M14s allowed at all in Canada? And second off, if so, (And because I obviously cannot look for myself) I was wondering how common they are on the marketplace that is related to this forums, and what price they go for generally?

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to even read this,

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