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Followup story

Airsoft shooting isolated event
by Wayne Moore - Story: 42358
Oct 10, 2008 / 5:00 am

The shooting of a 12-year-old boy with an airsoft pellet gun, while waiting for a school bus in the District of Westside Wednesday, was an isolated incident.

That is the opinion of both the RCMP and School District 23 officials.

The boy was shot in the leg by another 13-year-old boy. Both are students at Constable Neil Bruce Middle School.

The victim was not seriously hurt, although the incident did cause his leg to swell.

SD23 Superintendent, Mike Roberts, would not divulge the discipline handed out in this instance.

Roberts says he is not hearing of an increase in weapons in district schools, specifically the increasingly popular airsoft guns.

"There are very few instances of students bringing replica guns to school. I think part of that is schools tend to be a controlled environment in that there are strict rules in place," says Roberts.

"Students pretty much know that they are not welcome. The student in this case broke the rules and will suffer the consequences of that, but incidents of that are very rare."

Roberts says there are far more reports of students with these types of guns out on a Friday night or on a weekend, and that he says, is where the concern lies.

RCMP Constable, Steve Holmes, who has spent time as a school liaison officer, echoed many of those same sentiments.

"Is it a cause for great concern? I would say not, but the fact that even on the rare instance it does show up, it indicates kids and parents do always need to be aware," says Holmes.

"Parents have to sort of be in control of this because if you look at any other toy that you consider a toy, it doesn't compare to this kind of thing."

Holmes says there was an incident at Kelowna Senior Secondary last year where a student was shot with one of these guns. He says criminal charges were laid in that instance.

He says other weapons, such as knives and clubs are also confiscated from time to time, but again, says these are not the norm.
Well that seems like a particularly well-reasoned response actually. No condemnation of the items or the sport. They even do the "other dangerous items" comparison.
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