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I love this community.

I've seen kinds bring real Airsoft guns to my old High School before, I have no idea how they got them but I've seen Silver Desert Eagles, Beretta's, and 1911's with metal bodies at my school before. They were definitely Airsoft guns and not real guns, because I'm pretty sure I'd hear the real ones going off in the ally's and such when they're "plinking" at lunch time. At least no one was stupid enough to pull one on someone else or shoot someone else with malicious intent at that school. They were at least smart enough to not wave them around either, and I only ever saw them "plinking" in ally ways and such at lunch break usually.

Either way, it's still bad, and I would have reported them if I knew it was actually going to do any good. Really though, if someone's going to bring an Airsoft gun to school to impress his friends, he's not going to learn by getting a smack on the wrist from the cops and school administration.
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