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of course they are...what else is new. it's the RCMP in case you haven't noticed, they ALWAYS blow stuff out of proportion. they never intervene unless it's to give some kid shit or else some1 gets killed. in case you haven't noticed, lately the RCMP and local law enforcement all over canada has been having a bad reputation lately for police brutality or "accidental" DWIC's(death while in custody). law enforcement in canada AND usa is a joke now-a-days. they don't do their job worth a shit in my opinion. at least wen these kids are firing these airsoft weapons it's a little red mark and an ouchie then an i'm sorry lets have pizza. christ, wen the cops here use their weapons they are killing people almost with almost every shot cause they are trigger happy people. and then wat...a little slap on the wrist from the governement saying "don't do that..." wtf is that!!! although i wasn't around back then, i wish we had law enforcement from like 30 years ago. christ, u shoot some1 with an airsoft gun those cops would take and shoot u with it!! anyways, my point here is that OUR cops are not very good at their job and ALWAYS blow stuff out of proportion..i personally feel that until they can strighten out their own accords, they shouldn't b allowed to make a bad name for a whole sport because a couple kids are always dickin around, and then they have the brass to make the situation sound worse than it really is by giving details that aren't really needed that makes the guns sound more dangerous than they really are. i apologize if this post seems forward, offensive, bias, directed, or completely out of line but this is my way of venting about such a stupid situation. and if there are any cops on here or RCMP i apologize for this post but being on here u must then be an airsofter and b able to see the frustration from our point of view...even more so since we are not RCMP or cops.

srry again if this seems irrational.

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