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k first...this is the wrong thread for that question so plz delete all 3 posts as i will do the same with this one after you. secondly, you can't import guns into canada, neither by yourself nor by a company. the only way to have guns in canada is to get age verified and buy off the buy and sell boards here, find a canadian retailer, or find another site with buy and sell and buy(within canada) 3rd, just edit ONE of your posts...don't make 3 separate ones. fourthly, please read the rules, facts, FAQ's and guide topic's in the noob help sections about your questions and/or use the search option and search for keywords for wat you are asking. for you to bring those over almost guaranteed won't happen, ESPECIALLY THRU AN AIRPORT! Now i ask you to delete these posts please and either post them somewhere else or that this answered ur questions u won't post again. thx

moderators, please delete these posts as soo as one of you read this one...delete this one after as well thx.

NOONE REPLY TO HIS POSTS PLZ OR THIS ONE FOR THAT MATTER!!! I do not want spam on this thread thank you.


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