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- if you have to take more than one breath when listing out your equipment, you might be an airsofter.

- if you have ever heard a noise outside and u grabbed your sidearm to look out the window to see if some1 is thr, you might be an airsofter.

- an airsoft gun is like another man's girl, it has a bunch of interesting parts that noobies don't know and veterans aren't stupid enough to touch.

- airsoft is technically a porn involves getting taken from behind, getting balls in the face and then a load blasted all over your chest.

- if you can say you've had another man's tiny balls in your mouth with a straight face, you might be an airsofter.

- if you can hear you wallet crying at night, you might be a...hmm, no...then you're definitely an airsofter

- It's funny how people sometimes forget your callsign, like this one time i shot a teammate and they called me "a$$hole"

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