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I've had money saving habits instilled into me when I was young and I can say that I'm very financially secure relative to most people my age.

I've found that there is a lot of good advice on the internet (and some not so good advice) on financial matters but most of my knowledge comes from the book "The Wealthy Barber" which it seems like there were a lot of people who have read it (that was 2 years ago I think when it was discussed).

I recommend it to anyone. (Also get an ING account if you want to save money, I've found their interest rates are the best for savings accounts). I'm looking into buying mutual funds in the future, and getting a house once the market cools down in Vancouver (my hometown). It looks like the housing starts are slowing down which is an indicator it might go down and in a few years once I'm out of university it should be prime time to pick up a mortgage.
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