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Interesting to know

I know the majority of airsofters are young, don't have shares in the stock market, don't have pension plans, don't own property and have a mortgage or any of those types of investments. However, at a time like this I am sure that the proportion of the youth that pay attention to the news may think twice about spending money on airsoft. Maybe? I don't know.

To those of you who have bills to pay and money invested in the finance market, what goes through your mind when you see that tasty AEG that you've always wanted pop up in the BST forum?

Discuss please
I can see prices of the china made parts/guns will go up in canada since canadian dollar drops significantly in the past 6 monthes. Last year, 1 canadian dollar can buy 7 chinese yuan, and only 6 chinese yuan now. Next year may down to 5 chinese yuan.
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