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Originally Posted by Muffin View Post
I just seem to get nowhere when asking my bank about these payment methods
Fuck them, what use are they to you if they don't have the services you require? From reading what you just posted your better off closing your account with CU and opening one with CIBC. If you set up online banking with CIBC, EMT's will be available and are relatively easy to set up. Basically you go to your bank log in website IE. Login with your bank card number and password, you will have the summary of what your account(s) have in them and options to transfers. I also have TD Bank, and EMT cost about 1.50 to send, not sure about receiving, but I don't think so. DD required the full name of the person your sending it to, preferably their address(to confirm is the right person), and their Bank account number and their bank number. Basically what you would give your employer for DD which can be found a the bottom of your Cheques. You can use ANY bank to do DD, but generally you go to the one where you have funds in, otherwise they will probably charge you, if not more.

Theres a chance of getting ripped off through any, thats right ANY transaction. Third party payment programs limit this, however if I want to be a dick I can still take your money via paypal, emt, or DD. Now, depending what you use, information will be available to you so you can track down whoever took your money. The only benefit to EMT is that you set the password in order for it to be accepted and it can be cancelled if the person hasn't accepted payment yet. Unlike Paypal or DD, where acceptance of money is automatic.

If I am uneasy with a sellers rep, I request paypal and pay through my Credit Card, if they don't want it, then I walk away. If i get ripped off, I just call my CC company and tell them to make a stop payment or it was a scam.

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