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Airsoft Jokes

ok here's the idea guys...make up jokes about airsoft and airsoft only, and please guys...don't rip off other jokes, make up your own. I'll start...

- The only reason your teammates tell you to keep your head down is so u can't see them laughing at you.

- Alberta airsofters like the frontal attacks, Manitoba players like the sneaky rear attacks, Saskatchewan players always seem to be taking it both ways.

- I find bb's in my boots alot...but only because i'm walking all over the competition.

- The funniest thing in airsoft is to send a newbie into an ambush only for him to realize the safety is on.

- I have amazing aim when I shoot my airsoft gun. I have never missed a single shot before, I hit the trees and the bushes and the ground....

- Airsoft is like drinking, it starts off with just a few shots, but before you know it your lying on the ground yelling for help.

- Men use hand signals on the airsoft field not for communication but because when they get back home their wife becomes the instructor.

- Married men who play airsoft love to go full auto because back at home they never get to blow their load of little white attackers.

- Airsoft is fun till a rookie gets shot...then it becomes hilarious.

- A sidearm is like viagra, when the big gun won't work, we rely on a small thing to do the job for it.

- Every good airsofter knows what guns are good and which are bad...every bad airsofter just knows which ones hurt more.

- Stealth in airsoft is like getting a "hummer", as long as your teammates keep their head down and keep moving their safe...but as soon as they lift their head past the "bush" they get a blast of white stuff right to the face.

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