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Payment methods

Alright, this is something that has troubled me for awhile.
While selling items on this site, I lost alot of sales due to the fact that there are certain payment methods that I can't offer. The only one that I am setup for is Paypal, but of course generally people don't like paypal, because of the extra fees.
I've tried direct deposit a few times as well, also with no results. Upon trying it, others have said that it needs to be done through the same branch of bank. I bank at a Credit Union.
Does DD need to be done through the same bank?
I'm also trying to get EMT and upon doing research on it, I gathered that it needs to be setup by your bank itself. I went done there and asked about it, and they simply told me that they don't offer that service.
Now, I live in a small town that has the CU that I currently bank at and also a CIBC.
Does the branch of bank affect this method of payment?
I just seem to get nowhere when asking my bank about these payment methods, so those of you that work with EMT, please explain how to get something like this setup,
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