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Suprisingly, I got one package today in the mail today (EBB split my order into two to "save taxes" as previously mentioned by another member).

It was a vest that I ordered for a friend. It came in rather strange packing. It wasn't in a box, but rather a large "turkey shaped" (seriously) ball of packing tape / black garbage bag. The vest was "rolled up" inside into a tight ball and wrapped with tape. It was very awkward to cut open, but the vest arrived intact (ball shaped, but intact).

Personally, I wasn't too stoked about the packaging / shipping, but at least it arrived. I'm still waiting for a second package, which has a tracking number that doesn't work - so I have no idea of it's status. :P I've mailed Jesse again and have been told it has shipped and "should arrive soon", I'm hoping that's the case.
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