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Cool Aloha

Hey guys, Losgatos here from Double Tap Unit in Hawaii, just came across your site and forum just wanted to say hello, and if you are interested and have the time come by and check out our website: our headquarters is currently in Hawaii, but we are starting up new charters in my hometown of San Diego California, North Carolina, and Chicago. We are looking to be international as well, so if you have a bunch of people who like the milsim aspect of airsoft and you don't have a team, come check us out and we can steer you in the right direction. After you register on the site, come hit me up or our webmaster Final Punishment for New Charter Packages and New Join Applications then we can give you all the items needed to start this up for you and yours. But take a gander at what we have to offer. DTap is a Military Based Unit, with 98% of us Active Duty Military, from US Navy Specops, Marine Recon, Army Rangers and thats just to name a few, and out of that bunch 3/4 of us are actual Iraqi and Afghanistan War Vets. So we are the real deal, we just happend to love the sport of Airsoft. Well hope to start seeing new names popping up on our website and forums. Losgatos out.
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