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Originally Posted by bleaches View Post
The hurricanes do show a bit of fringing when viewed in red-dot mode and a lot of fringing on green-dot mode. i believe this wouldn't be evident on the real Eotechs as they use laser holographic technology instead of the RDS we see on airsoft optics...
You are correct. Absolutely NO FRINGING with a real EO HWS...personal experience.

In fact, both the clone of this LR style QD pivot mount and this clone EOTech 4x FTS mount are off a wee bit from centreline (the LR one alot and the EO one not so much), which for the LED-based HWS clones is the culprit behind the reticle distortion. With a true HWS, this mis-alignment doesn't matter as the reticle is perfect in all respects and viewing angles. AFAIK, this also isn't a problem with the Aimpoint RDS clones like the Comp M4/M2 as the magnifier mount lines up perfectly.

The moral of this story is to get rid of the optical distortion with the LED-based HWS sights, you need to have your magnifier centred both vertically and horizontally behind the sight, which means using rail risers etc. like this one: FWIW, the older twist-off Aimpoint 3x mount was perfectly aligned, at least with my Huang-copy 551 RDS anyhow.

Nice review by the way...too bad about having to dremel-mod the mount base in order to make it fit onto a "standard" picatinny rail...wish the manufacturers paid closer attention to measurement details especially for the price being charged for the product. Rather than copying the 4x/FTS setup, it's too bad this FTS version isn't available yet because it looks like the best solution for using an Aimpoint mag with an EO HWS, though it's shown here with an EO 3x:


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